Mushroom light painting tutorial, release next week

Mushroom light painting tutorial, release next week

Working hard on the mushroom light painting tutorial. It’s actually more work than I anticipated. While working on it I’m learning a lot about video editing and this makes the progress a little slower. If everything works out well I will release the tutorial the 18th or 19th of september. It will be a 1,5 to 2h tutorial covering all steps in great detail. Even if you only have a the basic knowledge of lightroom and photoshop, you will be able to follow trough. And at the end you should be able to create your own magical glowing mushrooms.

If you are interested in creating this kind of magical images straight out of a fairytale stay tuned in. You can do that by following me on facebook or Subscribing to my newsletter.

Here is already a small teaser, enjoy!

  1. Im a novice photographer and like to learn your way. Its one of the most appealing photographs i ever seen. More power to you.


    1. Hello Joey,
      Thanks for the compliment! Keep on shooting, keep on practicing and improve. Once I also was a novice!

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