Intro Mushroom Light Painting Tutorial

Intro Mushroom Light Painting Tutorial

Release full tutorial on 25th of September

Last weeks I have been working hard to get my tutorial on mushroom light painting finished. It was a bigger taks than that I imagined. But I’m making great progress and can already release the introduction video. In it I compressed the whole process in just over four minutes. The whole tutorial will take a little longer. The final result will be about two hours long and in it I will go into all the details you need to know to get creative with these magical pictures that seem to come straight out of a fairy tale.

The release of the full tutorial is expected around the 25th of september

It will include:

-gear you need
-composition intro
-position of the mushroom
-background is key
-light composition
-composing with a tripod
-shoot intro
-camera settings for focus stack
-shooting shallow depth images for focus stack
-camera settings for light painting
-light painting the mushroom caps
-post processing intro
-post processing in lightroom
-creating image stack in photo shop
-adding the glowing mushroom caps to the focus stack
-finishing touch

Mushroom Light Painting Intro, enjoy!

So if you are interested in creating this kind of magical images straight out of a fairytale stay tuned in. You can do that by following me on facebook or Subscribing to my newsletter.

  1. Hello Dirk, I happened to see an ad for your mushroom light painting tutorial on facebook the other day. I watched the free intro tutorial and decided I had enough info to at least give it a try. I would attach a few of the successful attempts but it doesn’t seem to be an area to attach images 🙂

    Anyway, thank you for the inspiration. I shoot for my local newspaper, and various government bodies close to where I live in British Columbia, Canada, but I love to view and try new ideas that are not close to what I shoot for a living. This is a great subject and I will be spending more time exploring what I can achieve! If you are interested, two of my mushroom light painting images are on my Facebook business page, BobFriesenPhotography. I posted them this evening, your name already came up from one of my followers as the source for my new motivation.


    Bob Friesen

    1. Hello Bob,
      Thanks for your interest! I have had a look at your mushroom light paintings. They are quite good, but I mis the background. For me composition and the background are key to get a good mushroom light painting.
      Keep up the good work!


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